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Topcoder SRM 553 Div-II-500 tutorial

The problem Problem statement (requires login) Summary of the statement is: Given an array of non-negative integers program[], an integer wantedResult, and pseudocode of a peculiar program. This program takes program[] as argument, and reads it through. There’s also a stack initially filled with infinite number … Continue reading

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Topcoder SRM 551 Div-II-500 tutorial

I didn’t participate in the SRM, but solved this problem later. What follows is strictly a personal account of my attempt to this. I tried to be elaborate to make this accessible to newcomers. Hoping people facing difficulty in solving … Continue reading

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CSE 141: Modular Arithmatic and Congruences

Definition: 1. If then . Where and are integers and is a positive integer. 2. If and then . Where and are integers and is a positive integer. 3. If then, . Where , and are integers and is a … Continue reading

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The Princeton Companion to Mathematics

Princeton University Press has recently published a book called The Princeton Companion to Mathematics. The chief editor of the book is Professor Timothy Gowers, who is a Fields Medal winner. It is a reference for every mathematician or anyone interested … Continue reading

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Solution to STEP problem-I

I have solved a STEP problem from Stephen Siklos’ book Advanced Problems in Core Mathematics. The problem and the solution follows: Problem: Use the substitution to evaluate Hence or otherwise show that for Where and

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Galilean and Lorentz transformation

Suppose two inertial reference frames S and S’ are moving with velocity v with respect to each other. Also suppose that an observer at reference frame S measures an event as and another observer at frame S’ measures the same … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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